B105's evening gal, Jeanne Ryan and I were chatting about where we use to swim when we were kids. She said her family always wants to go to "The Deeps", near Lester Park. Sounds kinda scary, because IT IS!!!

Kids jump from high rocks into the murky waters below....and have to run and jump with enough force to propel themselves far enough from the rocks that line the water’s edge. While trying to find "The Deeps", Homie and I ran into these kids swinging from the rocks and dropping into the water below.

I immediately wondered, just WHO tied the knot in the rope? The rope was tied to the train trestle. We thought THIS was the "The Deeps", until we were told it was further down. As you can see by the picture, jumping in the Lester River has gone on for ages. I had 5 favorite swimming spots growing up. Well, 6, if you count the pond in the back forty of the Laveau Dairy Farm in Wrenshall. Now that I'm grown up, I still like to swim in some of those spots, here are the best place to swim in the Duluth/Superior area.

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Chub Lake

Carlton, MN
It was near enough to my mother's home that I could ride my bike. On real hot days, they had a concession stand with ice cream and we spent lots of time there picnicking.
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Sandy Lake

Barnum, MN


After working on the Peterson farm in Barnum, we would load the huge tractor inner tubes in the pickup and float around Sandy Lake. It was always dusk by the time we got there, so staying underwater was the smartest move, since the mosquitoes were out in full force!

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Lac La Belle

Wrenshall, MN
It was on my mom's County Road 3 in Wrenshall and another lake I could ride my bike to....not the best beach...it was rocky, no sand, but on a hot day, it did the trick!
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Wrenshall School Pool

Wrenshall, MN
Of course, there was also the Wrenshall School Pool. I not only swam there, but started out as a Locker Room Attendant, then worked my way to Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard. That was my first job!
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Twin Ponds

Duluth, MN

While there IS two ponds, and they do mirror each other, with beautiful Skyline Drive separating the two....you can only swim in one of them. The other pond is most often used by people fishing. I don't know if there's fish in there, but they keep trying!

The swimming side is great for families with younger children. It's not huge, there's a sandy beach and if the sun is out, the pond catches the rays the whole day.