Last summer Bud Light came out with the Lime-a-Rita.  This year they have complemented the lime flavored malt beverage with a strawberry flavor called the Straw-Ber-Rita.  As soon as I saw this in the store, I bought a 12 pack of 8 oz cans an brought them home.

The Straw-Ber-Rita is basically the same thing as the lime-a-rita, just strawberry flavored.  It also has just a few less calories.  The 8 ounce can has 199 calories.  It is not light by any means.  The lime-a-rita has 220 calories per 8 ounce can. It's also 8% alcohol which is pretty strong for anything that comes in a can.

But good tasting margaritas are notoriously loaded with calories, so it's about on par with any other margarita you get from a restaurant, or mix.

It tastes pretty good.  I recommend you pour it over ice, to keep it nice and cold.  If I'm going to make margaritas, I'm going to make actual margaritas with tequila.  However, if I'm bringing some beer to the beach on a hot day, I'll bring a twelve pack of these along with.  It's a nice, convenient way to switch up your taste buds once in a while.