Man, I love this show. One of the main reasons is because the show delivers satisfying results every episode.   It never drags anything on.  You're trying to keep up with it, not begging for it to get to the point.   And the final season premiere didn't lose any momentum from the cliff hanger of season 4.  SPOILER ALERT!Season 4 started with Walt getting a pretty big gun on his birthday at a diner.  He then loaded it in a car and drove off.   That's all we saw of the future Walt presumably after everything went to hell.  That is, until season 5 starts.   We saw him pull up to his house in the same car.   The house abandoned, gated off for evidence, and he goes inside to get the ricin from behind the outlet cover.  Carol, his neighbor, sees him as he's getting back into his car.   She is frozen with a look of terror, which obviously tells us that his secret was revealed.   He simply says, "Hi Carol," and she drops her groceries.   Perfect way to start.

Then, cut back to present day and Hank abruptly left the White's and had a breakdown on the way home.   The realization hits him and he starts working on the case.  Now, I expected that there would be a cat and mouse game for the entire season until the end between Hank and Walter.   By the end of the first episode Hank has it out with him and tells him he knows with a punch to the face.  Walt tells Hank the cancer is back and he's dying anyway, so what's the point.

It ends with Hank telling Walter, "I don't even know who I am talking to anymore."   Walter responds with a threat, "I would tread lightly."

WOW! What a phenomenal way to start off the final season.   They waste no time!   That's what I love about Breaking Bad.   Too often shows try to string along and drag stories on.   This show is the best drama series ever.   Period.