Only one more episode left.  My God.   How terrifying.  [SPOILER ALERT]

Last night on Granite Slate I actually started to feel bad for Walter White.  Vince Gilligan and the writers really like to toy with your emotion.   You feel bad for him, then you remember the terrible things he has done.  He's dying alone, miserable, and it appears all of his evil doings was for nothing.  "It can't all be for nothing!"

We saw this coming, but for a lot of us, at some point we imagined that this could be the ending of the series:  Walt alone and dying with nothing.  Obviously from the opening scenes of part 1 and part 2 of season 5, we know he returns for the ricin and a big gun.   We know the finale next week is going to be big.

But we'll get to more on that later.   Last night we kinda said goodbye to Saul.   Best line of the movie?  "Best case scenario, BEST CASE!, is that I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.  It's over!"  Do you think that really is the last we've seen of Saul?  And what happened to Huell?   Is he still sitting in that house, months later.

You have to love how they show the passage of time.  Months pass as Walt's disease takes it's toll.   He hesitates at first and for quite some time about his ability to make it 8 miles to the nearest town.  He begs the vacuum cleaner guy to stay for 10,000 for just an hour.   His son tells him to go die.  Where he is right now is worse than prison.  (Although I imagine the Nazi's would put a hit on him if he was there.)

Then, he calls it in and waits for the cops to come pick him up as he enjoys his last drink when Heisenberg and his pride resurfaces watching Gretchen and Elliot downplay Walt's involvement in the company.  Nope, it isn't going to end this way for the drug kingpin.   I'm expected a blaze of gunfire in the next episode and plenty of shocks and twists.

And let's not forget about Jesse.  Poor Jesse who is Walt's biggest victim.  Now creepy and psychopath Todd has killed Andrea, while Jesse was forced to watch.  We have found something even more evil than Heisenberg, and that is Todd and his Neo-Nazi uncle.  I will be very disappointed in the ending of this show if Jesse doesn't get some kind of relief.   But after the things he's seen, can he live with himself anyway?

Ready for next Sunday?