Last night's episode brought out yet another video taped confession of Walter White, but this time it was much different. [SPOILER ALERT]

It wasn't the first time Walt looked into a camera and confessed.   (Remember the pilot Episode?) This time though, you can see the pure evil inside Walt as he makes up the elaborate story that Hank was the mastermind drug kingpin.   After their dinner meeting fails, we get to Watch Hank and Marie's reaction to the phony tape.   They were shocked, hurt, confused, and legitimately scared.  Now Hank really has to watch his stuff and it's evident when he decides to pull agents off of Jesse.  The confession was something I never saw coming, and that's what makes this show so great.

Then it brings us to Jesse.  At this point you should feel really bad for the depressed, hollow, empty, abused Jesse Pinkman.  Jesse finally sees through Walt's lies and confronts him on them.  Jesse tells Walt he knows he killed Mike, and that Walt will kill him too if he doesn't go along with his plan for Jesse to disappear.

By now we've also grown sick of Walter White's acting.  First was the confession, then this performance of how he wants Jesse to have a fresh start.  I'm fed up of Walter White's performances and bull sh*t too.  I'm torn because I want Skylar and the family to have the money, but I also want Hank to bring him down.  I want Jesse to get a fresh start, but I want him to take down Walter too.

Which brings us to Jesse ditching out on the fresh start and beating up Saul.  He figured out Walter had Saul's guys steal the poison cigarette that was missing before.  (That Walter used to poison the kid and turn Jesse against Gus.)  Jesse had enough, went nuts, and the episode ends with Jesse dumping gasoline all over Walt's house.

Good thing the kids weren't home.  Can't wait for next week!