The new craze, you remember planking? Tebowing? Now the new thing is to do the Brady. I hate to rub salt in Tom's wounds, but this is funny.The more I hear from Brady and his wife, the more I see a cry baby, and I apologize to Patriot fans and Brady fans, I think he's a great quarterback, but I think we saw a side of Tom Brady that people picked up on, and with all the guff that Tim Tebow took this year, I think Brady needs to take a little too.

‘Bradying’ as defined by Busted Coverage: the act of being in the seated position, shoulders at 80-degree angle with the head slouching as if a WR just dropped another catch and you can’t play WR, too. Right hand in a fist while left hand acts as the Chipotle burrito shell. Feet perfectly at 90-degree angle. Forearms on thighs. And with that, America has its new rage – Bradying.

So, send me your

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