There hasn't been a Boxing match at Proctor High School in 50 years, to honor Carl "Cud" Peterson, there will be charity matches in the Gym. Carl "Cud" Peterson was a well known boxer from Proctor that passed away back in the 60's. He was instrumental in giving kids in the area an opportunity to get involved in athletics- specifically boxing.

With the money he made in a pro bout, he purchased a gas station in Proctor and added a room in the back which contained a ring and some heavy bags. This is where he trained his kids

Smoker used to be the name of the bouts because everyone would smoke during the boxing matches.

Coach Joey, Nick Pristash, Coach Aaron, Amy L. and Coach Jack.

There will be bouts featuring boys and girls at the Proctor High School gym. Doors open at 5:30. Fists fly at 6:30. It will cost $6 students, $10 adults, with concessions donated by area business, all proceeds will benfit the Proctor/Hermantown Mirage Girls High School Hockey team.  If you have any questions call Joe at 393-0524, or visit their facebook page