Ken and I were lucky enough to run into Brantley Gilbert in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel when we were at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Recently, Brantley admitted that his plan was to stay in his home state of Georgia and make music.  But, he has stepped out of his comfort zone and you can see him in Mexico with the Boots in the Sand Tour!

Brantley was very gracious in allowing us to sneak a picture with him when we were crossing the street and he was standing outside.  We chatted about his excitement in being involved with the Boots in the Sand Tour, but that wasn't always the case.

He admits that when his career started he was content to just stay in Georgia and make music.  His plan was to stay true to himself as a singer and an artist.  But, as his fan base grew and we fell in love with his music he knew expanding his horizons was necessary.

He said, "I was hesitant about Nashville.  I was scared to start dealing with management, booking agents and labels.  I was afraid they'd try to slap some wranglers and a bucket hat on me and tell me to sing somebody else's songs.  But, I've grown to the point where some of those things are a necessity.

Well, he has grown, to the point that he'll be traveling to the Mexican Riviera Maya with Dierks Bentley, Billy Currington and Jana Kramer.  It's the trip of a lifetime for his fans for great country music on white sandy beaches with nothing but sun, fun and memories.  Consider this for your vacation this year and go VIP style!