The year 2013 was a good one for Cathy and myself.   We had a lot of laugh's and continue to chuckle about these segments looking back.  We've had a good amount of people reach out and ask for us to post some of the audio.   Here are some of our most requested.

Hay on the bridge:  Ken encountered a strange problem driving over the Blatnik Bridge one day.

Picnic Table Top Trivia:  Another example of Cathy coming up with a category for "Wheel of Winning."  

Meteor:  Cathy trys to grasp what a meteor really is after the one crashed into Russia earlier this year.

Manatee:  Cathy learns what "extinction" is.

Extinct Males:  New study shows men are going to be extinct.

Pippy Longstocking:  Remember her?   Apparently Cathy can't remember anything about her.

Popcorn:   We love it.

Baby President:  Sometimes Cathy goes just one sentence too far.

Alligator:   Ever had alligator?

Maria:   This is more of  just a long blooper.