While we strive to help as many groups as we can in the community and sometimes people use that to try and mislead people into giving them money.  This morning we were made aware of one such incident.

We received a call from Darlene's Hair Stylists in Lincoln Park, Duluth, who said a short, heavy-set white male walked in asking for a cash donation.  He said it would go towards a fund raising effort from B105 radio to raise money for St. Lukes Hospice.  When they asked if he had a form to fill out or any documentation, he said he did not but a receipt would be mailed to them.  The whole exchange seemed odd to them, so they declined to make the donation and then notified our general manager as well as St. Lukes.

It's unfortunate that someone would be that much in need that they would fabricate a fundraising drive that is not currently taking place, but he may be going to other businesses in an effort to get money so we thought it was important to share this with you.