Today I was really craving Pasta Fagiola from Olive Garden.  I know, it's strange, but that's what I wanted.  I asked Cathy if she wanted to go out for lunch and she couldn't decide.  She told me to go by myself.  Going out to eat by yourself?  Here's the 8 things you can't do by yourself without feeling awkward in the Twin Ports.

1.  Go out to eat at sit down restaurant. Cafe's and diners are different, but there is something strange about eating by yourself in a booth or at a table.  That's just awkward.

2.  Tour the William Irvin. I wanted to go one time but needed to find a friend to go with.  I was afraid it would be awkward going by myself.  Then, I worried "What if it's just the tour guide and me?"  That would be horrifically awkward.\

3.  Go to a movie. This makes no sense but I can't go to a movie without someone else.  The weirdest part is you don't even talk to the other person, and you just end up fighting silently over the popcorn.

4.  Go to Duhblinn's comedy night. I love going, but I would never go by myself.  Then you're just an awkward loser in the crowd.

5.  Go on a North Shore Scenic Railroad Ride.  If you take out the conversation there really isn't much else to do except stare out the window.

6.  Go bowling. I've gone bowling by myself, but it was only to make up a game that I missed in league.  If you go by yourself you either look like you are a bowling fanatic, or just have such a bad temper than no one wants to be around you.

7.  Renting a bicycle built for two in canal park. That's just a sad sight without anyone else on, or you might be schizophrenic and with your best friend.

8.  A romantic walk on the pier. There's something special about watching ships come in and out of the canal  with the special someone.  If you're their by yourself it may seem like you have absolutely no life.

Now with that all being said, if you added a person to any of those events, it would be wonderful!