The Tower Avenue construction in Superior is coming along nicely and it's nice that they provide updates.  Don't let it affect your decision to visit the Farmer's Market held every Wednesday at Center City Park next to the Library on the corner of Tower and Belknap.  I'll be broadcasting there live on Wednesday from 11:30a-2p!

Work completed since last update:

  • Sanitary sewer mainline was completed to midblock between 13th and 14th Streets.
  • Water main was installed along 13th Street (east and west) and along Tower Avenue to 14th street.
  • Sanitary sewer and water services were installed between 12th and 13th street. Storm sewer began installing mainline along Tower between 12th and 13th street.
  • The grading crew finished through 12th street and installed all sub base and base material. The base was then prepared for concrete paving between the RR tracks and 12th street.
  • The concrete crew continued to work on sidewalk between 4th and 8th street and placed red concrete at various intersections. Planter box walls were poured at 11th and 12th street and the screen wall was poured. Electrical and irrigation work continued between Winter and 12th Streets.

 Anticipated work schedule for the week of August 12, 2013:

  • Sanitary sewer is scheduled to finish from south of 13th street to Belknap.
  • The water main crew is scheduled to begin working on services between 13th and 14th street and continue to the south towards Belknap Street.
  • It is anticipated that Storm sewer will be complete to 13th street as well as grading and backfilling with base and subbase material.
  • Mainline concrete pavement from the RR tracks to 12th street is scheduled for Monday August 12.
  • The contractor has indicated that they are still on schedule if the weather continues to hold as it has been.

Next Weekly Public Meeting: Wednesday, August 21th at 2:00 p.m. at the Old Post Office Building, 1401 Tower Ave, Superior, WI, 54880