Maxxis is a very loveable cat and one of the shelter's favorites.   However, Maxxis has Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIV) and is looking for someone to love him and take him home.  His condition only requires that he stays completely indoors and doesn't live with any other cats that are FIV negative.  Otherwise there is nothing else he needs besides a good home!

FIV is the cat equivalent of HIV, but don't worry.  You can't get FIV or anything from your cat.  You can read more info on the disease at wikipedia.  But like I said earlier, you can help out this cat and really don't need to do anything special or costly for him.   Here's what Animal Allies has to say:


What an awesome cat! Maxxis is a fun, sweet boy who is looking for an extra special forever home. This handsome boy would love a place where he can look out the window at all the birds and squirrels. Maxxis tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIV), so although he used to go outside, he now needs to be a completely indoor cat. It would also be best if Maxxis lived with either no cats or other FIV positive cats. Other than yearly vet visits and a high quality food, Maxxis requires no extra care for his condition. For all of the care you give, Maxxis will repay you in love and fun entertainment. For more information about Maxxis or FIV, please talk with a member of the Animal Allies staff.