My weekend was both exciting and frustrating, but thanks to two communities, I kept my cool!  However, the B105 van didn' was an adventure up the shore and there are some people that came to my rescue!

Since I was going to be broadcasting from Bay Days in Silver Bay on Saturday afternoon, my husband and I thought we'd pull the camper to Two Harbors and camp Friday night....I'd just drive back to do the Solid Gold Show.  We actually got out of town at a descent hour on Friday and things were going well.  We arrived at our campsite and I sat with the van until he got the camper parked, then I shimmed in next to it.

That's when we noticed the hole for the "waste" was only 2 inches from the van tire, so he told me to move it.  When I got in, the van wouldn't start.  For the guys who immediately will ask, would it turn over?  Yes, it turned over, but it wouldn't start. Because it was too late to do anything at that time, instead we enjoyed a night in Two Harbors with dinner and crashed a 30th class reunion.  We played with a few of the classmates asking why they didn't remember who we were, LOL!

My first thank you goes to Travis of Two Harbors Towing. He arrived almost immediately and was very nice to deal with and I was honored to have my picture taken with him.

My second thank you goes to the Silver Bay Bay Days Committee and the residents of Silver Bay.  I arrived without my van and they were understanding.  Throughout my live broadcast people came to introduce themselves, said kind things about B105 and the Breakfast Club Show and Judy even brought a picture of my grandmother from 1960!  I had a fabulous time!!  Then, they allowed me the honor of coming back that evening to introduce GB Leighton who was under their big top tent/street dance.  He signed our St. Jude Star Guitar that you'll have the chance to win this coming March (after we get more artist's signatures).

While there was frustrating moments in the weekend.  The North Shore is a beautiful place to spend time and the people are second to none.  Thank you for incredible memories, I hope to be back next year at Silver Bay Days!!

~Cathy Kates