With school getting underway again, there are supplies and things most kids need and want. There are some they shouldn't have, and good reasons why.

1. Oversized or mechanical pencils--Fancy pencils can get caught in backpack zippers or get lost. They also eat lead and kids refill them constantly. Plain #2 pencils work just fine and they're much cheaper.

2. Pencil sharpeners—Most classrooms already have a pencil sharpener, so students don't need to carry around their own. Plus, shavings can get all over the floor.

3. Dry-erase markers and erasers--Dry-erase markers, eraser, and dry-erase sprays shouldn't be on the school-supply list because most teachers are now using SmartBoards. You can't use regular dry-erase markers on a SmartBoard anyway.

4. Dorm-room phone--Some colleges automatically add on a charge for a dorm-room phone. Nowadays most students use cell phones because they're more convenient than a landline.

5. Paper dictionary or thesaurus—Everything is online now, you don't need either.

6. Cash--Younger studends usually can't handle money yet, get them a pre paid card and teach them money management.

7. Credit cards--See number 6