It's that season again, I know it's been for some time. Misquitoes are back, and it seems worse this year. I can't sit around a fire a make s'mores without swatting myself 10 or more times. So what do you do besides borrow your dogs special collar?

According to Joe Conlon, a medical entomologist and the technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association, here ere are 6 ways to escape the Minnesota State Bird....he he he.

1. Time your activities right so you aren't setting yourself up.

2. Keep it breezy. If you drag a couple of house fans out on your deck or screen house, that will make it hard for the skeeters to fly free.

3. Use yellow bug lights instead of white lights, it will attract the skeeters less. The citronella candles work to an extent but are not the end all method to trust.

4. Dress in light colored clothing. Also, make sure they are loose and loose-weave.

5. Use DEET. Ok, this isn't a commerical, many test have been conducted and DEET is still the bar that everyone else is measuring themselves against.

6. Set a trap. There are some traps for the skeeters that work good, but nothing will take them out in large numbers, but in a pinch, this is a great method to help ward them off.