Add this to the list of strange headlines that I never thought I'd write, but I just needed to share this story with you.   My wife and I finally had a date night for the first time in several weeks.  I had a craving for Mexican food, but what we got was a course of disappointment, with a side of bizarre. 

We had been to this restaurant many times over the years and never had an experience like this.  Now I am afraid to go again.  I'm not going to tell you the name of the place because if I end up going there again I don't want someone to spit in my food.  (Although I doubt we'll be going back unless someone else drags us there.)


  • 1

    We Were Seated Next to A Tub of Dirty Dishes

    Nothing says, "Boy this is gonna be a great meal!" like sitting literally 3 feet away of a cart and tub full of dirty dishes.... next to the soda filling station, next to the window to the kitchen.   Not only did we get to watch half eaten dishes pile up, but listen to the wait staff and cooks argue in Spanish.  How authentic!

  • 2

    Mumbling Host

    Don't you just love it when some high school kid mumbles so bad to the point that you have to ask him three times what he said.   Or maybe it was the cooks and waitresses screaming at each other.  Either way, it was rough.


  • 3

    Refried Bean Menu

    So I'm a bit of a germaphobe as it is, and whenever I'm done ordering my food from a menu, I go wash my hands.   This time, the menu was spackled with re-fried beans.  At least God I hope that's what it was.

  • 4

    Who Is Our Server?

    At a decent or even a bad restaurant, someone usually approaches you after you are seated and introduces themselves with a smile.   We had one person take our drink order, another take our food order, a different person drop off our food, and no one to check on us at all during the meal.   We had to go run down mumbling host guy to get our bill.

  • 5

    Random Worker Sleeping In A Booth In The Corner

    Halfway through our meal, (which by the way the food wasn't bad.) they turned on the lights to a back room for extra seating.   My wife spotted something strange that looked like a body in a circle booth.   Yep, a startled and sleepy employee stood up holding a blanket.   Then looked around, and climbed back into the booth and went back to sleep.  I am not kidding.