As part of becoming a more adult American, I actually watched from start to finish the Presidential Debate last night.  Now instead of argueing issues, policies, or whatever else that just gets people upset, I'm going to highlight a few things I noticed that should tick off anyone.  Like...

1.  Mitt Romney has a great voice to be in a western.  He's got that gruff, rugged, chewed up gravel and spit out conservatism voice.  With a little vocal training, the guy could be great!

2.  Barack Obama's hair is getting grayer by the day.  I guess being president is stressful, because in 4 years, he's gone a lot more gray.

GettyImages/Mario Tama
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

3.  The candidates like the room set at a much cooler temperature.  I didn't know that during the debate, they ask them to lower the room temperature.  Probably because you don't want to be sweating like crazy when answering tough questions.

4.  It takes a lot of guts to cut off the President Of The United States. Jim Lehr, moderator of the debate has the tough, almost impossible task, of keeping the debate on time.  Both candidates continually went over the time allowed.  Poor Jim Lehr has to be the guy to interupt each of them, saying time was up.  Now I can see cutting off a governor, but the President?  That's a tough one to do.

5.  Candidates attack each other all over the media, but still have time to chit chat with each others families and smile cordially.  I thought it was kind of odd that up until last night (and continuing today) the candidates haven't been the best of friends with their campaign advertising.  But when they get together, they are all smiles.  Kind of like old college buddies that haven't seen each other in years.  Then the families meet after the debate and chat and smile and hug and whatever.  I understand it shouldn't be like Jerry Springer, but come on!