I am looking for some facts about Duluth, so I put Duluth in the search, forgetting to put Minnesota in the search and read some of the facts. As I read, I realize I am reading about Duluth, Georgia, and have found some things the two Duluths have in common.

1. At one time, both cities were voted the fastest growing, and best place to move. Duluth MN was looked at by many rich people as the nicest place to move and featured many things for families to do, and was expected to grow bigger than Chicago, IL. According to Forbes magazine, Duluth GA ranks 26th in the nation in America's Best Places to Move. It was also named the Best Affordable Suburb in Georgia by BusinessWeek magazine  In the last 10 years Duluth, GA is one of the fastest growing suburbs.

2. Both cities were once inhabited by native Americans who laid claim to the land and were forced from it, either by force or by migration. In Duluth, MN,  Anishinaabe, also known as the Ojibwe or Chippewa, have inhabited the Lake Superior region for over five hundred years and were preceded by the Dakota, Fox, Menominee, Nipigon, Noquet and Gros Ventres. When the Europeans moved into the area, the native Americans were middlemen in the fur trade business. Duluth, GA were inhabited by the Cherokee and they are credited with a trail called, "Old Peachtree",  that became key to the fighters in the war of 1812.

3. The railroad played a key part in the growth of the area. Duluth MN enjoyed trading with Canada and was fortunate to become somewhat of a hub for Railroad Shipping, especially iron ore. Duluth GA, enjoyed some growth because of the railroad and it connected the traders with the waterways in Duluth MN.

4.  Both cities are named for the same man. Duluth MN is named for Daniel Greysolon, Le Sieur du Luth, the first known European explorer of the area. Duluth GA was named after Duluth MN, because the northern town opened up trade with the South Eastern town of Howell's Crossing (which became Duluth). Because Duluth, MN is named after Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, they are both named after the same man. (Are you following me?)

5. Both cities made national headlines, Duluth GA made national headlines twice in 2005. In March 2005, Fulton County Courthouse shooting suspect Brian Nichols was captured in a Duluth GA apartment after holding a woman hostage. In April 2005, local resident Jennifer Wilbanks was reported missing a few days before her planned wedding to John Mason. She was found a few days later in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she admitted to having lied about being kidnapped. Also Duluth, GA was featured on CBS by Peter Greenberg as one of the top cities to travel to. Duluth MN was in the news for the killings at the Congdon Mansion, the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and he subsequent song later by Gordon Lightfoot, the floods of 2012, and national Championships for UMD Sports.