I stop at the convenience store nearly every day.  Usually just to grab a cup of coffee, a quick in and out trip.  All too often this short trip is disrupted by some annoying person, completely oblivious to how they are totally screwing up your day from the start.

5.  Stoner buying blunts - Drives me nuts when somebody half baked is digging through their change trying to see if they can afford a cherry flavored blunt.  When they can't afford that blunt, they ask for a different one and then recount their change.

4.  Broke nicotine addicts - Twice I've been asked for change from the person in front of me who is .75 cents short for a pack of Old Golds.  Sorry, I'm not going to pay for your habit.

3.  Take a penny people - I'm a leave a penny guy.  Not a take a penny guy.  I've seen people clean out the penny tray to help them buy some crap that they really don't need.

2.  Over obsessive purse organizers - These are the people that write a check, mark down the purchase in their check book, take the receipt, neatly fold it, slip it back into their purse, pull out their car keys, search for their pack of gum, try to find their sunglasses, etc.  And all of this takes place while they are blocking the counter and 6 people are waiting in line behind them.

1.  Scratch off lottery people - This is by far the most annoying and excruciating thing in the entire world.  I cannot stand it when I am a paying customer and have to wait behind someone who is asking 100 questions about different scratch offs, picking 12 different ones, and then remains at the counter scratching their tickets.  I've actually said something to these people like, "Can you please move, I have to get to work."  These people are usually all of the above (except #2) as well.

Dishonorable mention: People who buy cigarettes with cash, then use their EBT card for Cheetos and ice cream.  That doesn't sit well with me.

Let's be courteous people, and make convenience stores more convenient.