We knew the risk of fire we high in the region due to the dry, windy weather.  Unfortunately, five fires have developed and are currently being fought in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Our partners at The Northland's News Center are reporting that these 5 fires include:

- A 75 acre fire near Parley Lake in the BWCA that was discovered on Wednesday. Aircrafts are dumping water buckets on the fire and a ground crew is on the scene to stop the spread of the flames. Fire crews have closed off campsites on Sunday and Saturday Bays of Crooked Lake, the Beartrap River, and Zones 1, 2 and 5 of the Sundial Primitive Management area.

- A 2.5 acre fire near Hoist Bay that was discovered on Wednesday. Helicopters and CL215's have dropped water on the fire. Fire crews have closed off Four mile portage, Ella Hall, Muskeg, Slumber, and Mud Lakes (out of Fall Lake) plus Back Bay and Hoist Bay of Basswood. Additional portage closures include Pipestone to Back Bay, Back Bay toward Half Dog Island/Basswood, and from Hoist Bay to Good Lake. Public Safety crews are notifying visitors in the area.

- The Fort Frances Fire (also known as the Norway Point Fire) remains on the Canadian side of the border and is being monitored by Quetico and U.S. personnel.

- A 300 acre fire between Knife and Emerald Lake (that is being called the Fort Frances Fire #59) is also very active. The fire is on the Canadian side of the border, but is being monitored by both Quetico and U.S. officials.

- A one quarter acre fire near Peterson Lake is also being monitored and crews are dumping water on the flames.

Currently the fires are under control, but it remains a dicey situation as the flames will not be extinguished without significant precipitation.