Trace Adkins is a master at coming up with a catchy hook and very colorful lyrics, and that is abundantly clear on his 2005 hit song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk", with an equally colorful and fun video, it's bound to spawn fans to pay homage to the song in there own way, we've scoured YouTube to find the 5 best fan made videos.

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    These girls look good choreographed to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" (H.T.B) on there back porch. The girl in the pink doesn't look very comfortable doing this minute long dance though.

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    Here is a video translated into sign language for Trace's hearing impaired fans by YouTube user Keith Wann. I must say I like the sign pattern for "Badonkadonk".

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    In this promo for a tour with Trace and Martina McBride, we find out the truth behind the hit song. And while it might not be technically "fan made", there is no doubt Martina is a fan.

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    WoW is right. This fan made video to "H.T.B" is made using the role playing video game 'World of Warcraft'. This is definitely unique and kinda dorky, but we love it!

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    Remember the good ole days before the internet and YouTube when you could safely record these dorky videos and watch them in the privacy of your home? Now the world can see you being goofy, nerdy teenagers using props (nice banana) and lip syncing to "H.T.B". And I think they must have watched the #4 video for some of moves.