It may not be illegal to swim in Lake Superior when the winds are strong and the waves are raging, but it certainly is putting your life at risk.  I remember growing up and hearing my parents telling me to respect Lake Superior as it is so dangerous.  We've already had one young person perish in the lake this year, now we almost had a second.

Our partners at The Northland's News Center reported on a 12 year-old girl who was too tired to climb out of a rip-current on Park Point today.  Luckily, her friends could climb out and call for help.  Remember that if you get caught in a rip-current, don't try to swim to shore.  Instead, swim parallel to the shore and you will eventually get out of the rip-current and then you can swim into shore.  Also, I would encourage all parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of swimming in Lake Superior, especially in areas where no life guards are on duty.