Make sure you share this with your friends and family that may be thinking about relocating to the Twin Ports.  People who move here often run into these problems that can really affect their life.  They may never be the same again.



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    You'll Get Spoiled With Experiencing Four Distinct Seasons

    You can experience every season in the Twin Ports.  We have hot summers, cold winters, gorgeous falls, and blooming springs.

    Nick Cooper TSM
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    It Will Take You Years To Try All The Great Restaurants

    The Twin Ports has so many dining options that it will take you years to try them all.  There's actually 4 restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives in the area.  The Anchor Bar, The Duluth Grill, Shorty's, and The Kounty Quarthouse.  Plus you have all the restaurants in Canal Park and Downtown Duluth that are fantastic!

    Nick Cooper TSM
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    You May Just Get Into Running

    Duluth is known worldwide for it's famous Grandma's Marathon race.  There's also plenty of 5k's and other races that take place all year round.  If trail running is your thing, Duluth & Superior have miles of trails.

    Nick Cooper TSM
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    You Won't Find An Area With Better Craft Beer

    We've got something that most places don't have that make craft beer: superior water.  As in the water from Lake Superior is the perfect water to create fantastic craft beer.

    Nick Cooper TSM
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    You'll Have A Hard Time Deciding On The Many Options For Night Life

    There's a ton to do in the Twin Ports and night.  In fact, they've made a website to help you navigate through all of the events.  There's comedy clubs, bars, dancing, karoake, live music all the time, concerts, symphony's, plays, ballet, and more.  Something for everyone and it may be tough to decide where to go.

    Nick Cooper TSM
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    There Are Too Many Landmarks To See

    You're gonna stress out about how you're going to see all the landmarks.  There are tons of state parks within driving distance on both sides of the bridge.  Add that to the historic landmarks such as the Lift Bridge, Enger Tower, Glensheen Mansion, Fairlawn Mansions, Split Rock Lighthouse, etc, and you'll never fit it all in.

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 7

    There's Just Too Much Hockey Here

    Hockey was born in The Northland and we sure know how to celebrate it.  The US Hockey Hall of Fame is just an hour drive away.  Duluth has stellar college hockey programs for men and women in the UMD Bulldogs, with an award winning Amsoil Arena.  There's the Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic that happens every year in Superior during the Lake Superior Ice Festival.  The community goes a little nuts about hockey, and that may be too much for you to handle.

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 8

    You Get Spoiled With The Outdoor Concert Venue

    There's nothing quite like going to a concert at Bayfront Festival Park. You'll get spoiled listening to the music with the backdrop of Lake Superior in front of you.

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 9

    The Holidays Won't Be The Same After You Spend Them In Duluth

    Duluth is the Christmas City of The North.  Who else has an entire section of the city converted into a Christmas Village?  If you move here, you'll become hardy enough to go out into the cold and kick off the season with The Christmas City of The North Parade, and then have hot chocolate and Bentlyville after.  Christmas just isn't done quite as good anywhere else.

    Nick Cooper TSM
  • 10

    Your Friends & Family Won't Stop Visiting You

    When you move to the Twin Ports and live here, you automatically become a tour guide for your friends and relatives from out of town.  You may need to clear out a guest bedroom, because all year long people are going to be knocking on your door for a place to stay.  Luckily there are a lot of lodging options in the area, but you'll still be their tour guide!

    Josh Koop TSM