Ah, Monopoly.  The game that requires math skills and about three days to complete.  Yet, it was a staple in the closet, along with Scrabble and Life.  Remember, as soon as the decision to start a game of Monopoly was finalized, the "I call the race car", I get the doggy" fights started?  This blog might take you back, but your favorite Monopoly game piece needs your vote to avoid retirement!

I think that's SO cool that Hasbro is including us in deciding which piece is retiring.  After all, most of us grew up playing Monopoly, no matter what age you are.  Most of us learned how to make change and slowly became comfortable to be the banker.  What are you going to choose?  The shoe, iron or one of the others? You'll be asked to vote for your favorite with the game piece with the least votes being retired.

You will also be part of history because you can vote on a new game piece.  I chose the guitar (hey, I'm a Country DJ), Ken said he's pick the helicopter, but there's a bunch to chose from.