I found a site today that really shows how stupid people can be.  It's an experiment that uses internet search tools on social media sites and pull status updates, tweets, foursquare check in's, and other social media apps to show you how visible you are.

The website is called weknowwhatyou'redoing.com.  They have four sections:

Who Wants To Get Fired? Status updates of people complaining about their job or their boss.

Who's Hungover? Information on people who are hungover, and a lot of times at work.

Who's Taking Drugs? Where idiots post about illegal drug use, sometimes even trying to find the drug.

Who's Got A New Phone Number? Where other internet idiots send out their phone number in their status update and don't change their security settings.

So, check out the experiment, and maybe think twice before you're next tweet or status update.