You probably don't think much about the infrastructure of what carries the storm waters under the streets in the City of Duluth, unless of course there is a torrential rainfall and they flood, like that in the picture to the left from last Spring.  But you should, for your health and safety.  Plan on attending a meeting to weigh in on the subject.

Lake Superior provides Duluth and the surrounding communities with exceptional clean drinking water. It's important to maintain this critical asset for many generations to come. Therefore, citizens from Duluth, Lake Superior College, and surrounding communities are invited to a public meeting to provide input on local stormwater programs and initiatives. The meeting will be held at the MNDOT  Administrative Building at 1123 Mesaba Ave on Thursday, April 26, at 6:30pm. Presentations will be given by the City of Duluth, St. Louis County, as well as MNDOT and Lake Superior College. Citizen participation and input is crucial to make sure we maintain the high quality of water we all enjoy.

The public is reminded that catch basins lead directly to our streams and Lake Superior, not to the wastewater treatment plant. Please do not dump anything into them. Contact the City of Duluth at730-4130 during business hours or 730-4100 on evenings and weekends to report any illegal discharge or dumping.

For additional information regarding this program, please contact Project Coordinator Chris Kleist at (218) 730-4063.

Info via: City of Duluth Press Release