"You would die if you crashed right now." That is the warning you would read on your dash to help you slow down. Most people die in crashes because of the speed of the vehicle, then losing control.

The new technology developed by engineers at Japan's Fukuoka Institute of Technology and heavy goods vehicle maker UD Trucks, also in Japan, are hoping they have come up with a "safe driving promotion system" that warns drivers what kind of crash could ensue if they don't slow down.

According to newscientist.com, their patent-pending system uses the battery of radar, ultrasound sonar and laser sensors found in modern cars and trucks to work out the current kinetic energy of a vehicle. It also checks out the distance to the vehicle in front and keeps watch on its brake lights, too. An onboard app that has learned the driver's reaction time over all their previous trips then computes the likelihood of collision - and if the driver's speed is risky, it displays the scale of damage that could result.

Pretty soon we won't have to worry too much about the dashboard warning, right now scientists are developing a self driving car too. Now, if my car could get my groceries and go to work, that would make me want to buy it.