You know it's April in the Northland when...

1.  You can barely see the tops of our lawn furniture in the yard.

2.  You scheduled an appointment in June to take the snow tires off your car.

3.  School is cancelled because of snow... ON APRIL 19TH.

4.  The roads are in pretty good shape for spring, because the potholes are filled with snow.

5.  Your winter boots still sit by the door.

6.  It's national gardening week, and you can't see your grass.

7.  You're snowed in until memorial day.

8.  You pray before bed for it to be above freezing tomorrow.

9.  You still pack a winter survival kit in your car... heck you leave it in there year round.

10.  You go to leave for work, and you can't open the door.

11.  Drop your car keys?  We'll find them in a few weeks...

12.  You worry if ice will be off the lakes in time for fishing opener.

13.  You turn on your Christmas lights just to brighten the mood.

14.   Global warming?  Yeah right...

15.  You step outside for .2 seconds and are soaked with wet snow.