Oh look, another WINTER STORM WARNING!  Lots of bold print, red colors and CAPITOL LETTERS tell us all about it so we should be on high alert right?  If you have travel plans, sure.  If you have to drive kids around, error on the side of caution.  But, the rest of us need to just ignore it all and get on with our lives.

Yes, the forecast is the equivalent of sneezing in public and having a booger fly out, but who cares?  If you look at the forecast beyond Friday, you will see temperatures into the 40's with sunshine and not much precipitation if any expected well into next week.

This latest round of snow will go away fast, so enjoy it and don't bust your butt trying to remove it.  If you are expecting company or a delivery then by all means clear a path for their safety.  If not, sit back and enjoy the storm without stress.

The way I see it, come April whatever mess Mother Nature makes she can clean up.  So, let's break all the snowfall records and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!