I was reading an article about the split up of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzeneger. It started as a hollywood glam article, you know the ones you read on the way out of the grocery store, but then became the story of….where does Maria Shriver go. I loved the fact that they put her voice and quotes into the story. She said she had spent her whole life fulfilling what others expected of her and had never gone without a job since college. She gave speeches on moving forward and thinking for yourself. Now, she is faced with many transitions and changes.

I always thought she was one of the most articulate, well educated, and poised reporters on tv, and it didn’t hurt that she was very beautiful. What I didn’t expect to read was the fact that after giving all these speeches, she would find herself in the same position as the women she was speaking to. Now she wants your opinion. I have posted the video from you tube so you could better understand what she is looking for.