Duluth, MN has gotten lucky!  Three major snow storms have passed to the South of us, leaving us balking at the local forecasters.  However, the last one DID bring 50+ mph winds.  Artistic Mother Nature used  Lake Superior waves and Park Point as her canvas for some phenomenal nature artwork, I just HAD to share.

My husband Homie and I are training for  Grandma's Half Marathon in June. Our training route usually takes us on the beautiful Park Point peninsula.  After our last windy storm we couldn't help but notice the HUGE deposit of snow and ice that now rim the lake shoreline.  This first picture gives a view  of just how big the mounds of snow and ice are and the fact that they spilled over onto one the lighthouse piers that jut out at the base of the Aeriel Lift Bridge.  The green steel gates indicate that it is unsafe to venture onto the pier at this time.

Picture 2:  Normally from this vantage point, you would see an enormous body of water called Lake Superior, the City of  Duluth's built-in air conditioner.  But, because of the storm, only huge deposits of snow and ice are visible.  Park Point beach, usually sandy and sprinkled with driftwood, looks like the surface of the moon.  The tiny black line in the middle of the picture is someone who was brave enough to climb the mountain of snow, that should give you some indication of it's size.  It's going to be a long time until this mound melts, probably not good for tourists, or businesses that benefit from their visits, but should help with the decreased water level of Lake Superior that has caused the shipping industry some concern.  If you're from the area, venture down to canal park  and take in this amazing site.  If you're from outside the Twin Ports area, click on the link above to learn more about the Aeriel Lift Bridge and why you're next vacation should include a stop to our beautiful city to watch the Lakers come into port....and of course, tune in to B105 (105.1 FM) for news, weather, I-35 Mega Project construction updates and Today's Best Country and Your All Time Favorites!