I'm quite certain it wasn't me.  I didn't buy a Gopher Five MN State Lottery ticket on December 26.  But someone did, in St. Louis County and it's worth $$1,242,385. Count the commas, that's over ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Dave Anderson from our sister station, the Northland's News Center tell us more and where to go and check out YOUR numbers.  Good Luck!

According to Dave Anderson,  somebody in Saint Louis County bought a Gopher Five lottery ticket worth one point two million dollars.

Check those Gopher Five tickets in your pocket because the mystery winner hasn't come forward yet.

Even with a 25 percent federal deduction and a seven and a half percent state deduction, that person has a check for about 800,000 dollars waiting.

Lottery officials tell the Northland's News Center that this is the second biggest Gopher Five jackpot in the last five years. Odds of winning are only one in a million and a half.

To win the Gopher Five jackpot, you must match all five numbers.  CHECK YOUR NUMBERS!