Sounds yummy doesn't it?  But, I've always been taught that anything with butter means it will go to my waistline.  However, this latest coffee fad claims to give you energy AND lose weight, REALLY?  I just think it'll taste yummy!The Today Show crew tried it, what's their opinion?

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So, we learned it doesn't taste the best, but wait, there's more:  While it MAY make you feel full so you eat less, according to the Today show, it might actually promote weight gain if you drink it on a daily basis. The energy boost comes in because it will digest faster than other fats, but that is a claim and not a tested reality.

So, drink it if you wish, in moderation because it won't harm you, but you might be getting added calories you really don't want. I'll try it once, just to say I did, then get on the treadmill and run a few miles to offset the calories!!!