Yesterday, after 2 years of neighbors hating neighbors, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker beat out Tom Barrett.  And when I say neighbors hating neighbors, there actually was quite a bit of that going on.

Even just driving around Superior you would see pro walker signs all over a yard, followed by the next neighbor's Barrett Mitchell signs placed directly on the property line of the Walker supporter or vice versa.  Protestors would be holding "Reclaim Wisconsin" signs and people driving by would either honk in support or shout obscenities at them.

I'm sick of being at a gathering where some stranger would start talking politics and want to know what you think, trying to get into an argument.  I miss the gold old days where talking politics at social gatherings was as taboo as asking how much money someone makes.  (which that's fading too).

Does anybody remember when who you voted for was more often confidential?  Now with Facebook and other social media, everyone has to blurt out what they think is right and attack other people online.  Things that you would never say to someone's face.  Facebook just makes it easier for you to speak without thinking first.  Few things get people as riled up as politics, and social media gives people a platform to spread their word.

Throughout the recall election I never once stated my position on who I supported on air or online.  There's two reasons.  First, I'm not an expert on politics.  I'm generally well informed, but there's a lot to take in and filter.  Secondly, it just pisses people off.  I really didn't want to deal with enraged, angry, and upset people just looking for a target.  That's what the internet sadly seems to be at times.

So I'll let it go with this.  Here's what I posted last night after the results of the election, and after countless victory posts or upset posts from other voters.

In no way is this a result of the election results. Honestly. But let's just move on for crying out loud. Both sides. Let's just quit being divided.