You have probably seen lots of celebrities pushing Wrangler jeans, especially athletes like Brett Favre, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, and Drew Brees.  Not to stereo type, but doesn't it make more sense to see a wrestlin', ropin' country cowboy musician in them instead?  For instance, George Strait?

Seriously, here's a man that is not only a member of the PRCA and partners in team roping competitions with his son, Bubba. But he and his brother host the annual George Strait Team Roping Classic.  Some of the best team ropers in the world compete in that rodeo!

If you're looking for someone who wears jeans in rough, tough down and dirty situations, I'd pick farming over three hours on the grid iron where they don't even wear jeans!

So, my question is does George Strait rock those Wranglers better than Brett Farve?  You be the judge.

George "King of Sing" Strait:

Or, Brett Farve: