Broadcasting has a pretty unique stress to it.  If you're working at your desk and your computer crashes, you probably get a little ticked off, maybe lose some work you saved, or maybe just lost out on your current level of Candy Crush Saga.   In broadcasting when your computer or equipment crashes it can be a little more apparent.

Today around 7:30 while we were doing the news headlines the screen went blank.   Then it shut down and automatically started downloading windows updates which everyone knows can take FOREVER.

Meanwhile, I turned to the back up server we had and was able to keep things going without much disruption, when I looked to my right and saw my other computer had mysteriously restarted.   BAAAAHHHH!

I put up the white flag and did what we try not to do in broadcasting... admit we were having a problem.   I then took this picture where Cathy's face sums up it up well.   PANIC.   Anyway, things all booted up again shortly and no major issues.   We just had to listen to Cathy kill time by talking about how hard she clenches her teeth when she sleeps.  (Somebody needs to chill.)