If you're around my age, you probably once wished for a pair of HASH jeans.  I begged my mother for TWO years, before I finally got a pair of dark brown HASH cords (corduroy). HASH jeans fit most people really well, they had bell bottoms, a double star design and the letters HASH stitched in gold on the back pocket.  Remember?  Did you own a pair?

I remember the day well.  It was a Saturday, downtown Duluth at a store called, B.J. Spinnikar (now closed).  I walked out of that store with the biggest smile on my face knowing I owned a pair of HASH jeans!!!  HASH jeans are only found on ebay and craig's list and are obviously "pre-worn".

Remember the tag line for Jordache jeans?  You've Got The Look?

One of the most sought jeans was Calvin Klein.  Due to the fact that the young, sexy, Brooke Shields was promoting them.  We all wanted her bushy eye brows, flowing hair and butt that filled those Calvin's out so well.  Here's a compilation of Brook's Calvin commercials to refresh your memory and bring you back to the 80's!