I have no idea what our cat drinks.  I assume she drinks water, but I have never seen her take a single lap out of her bowl.  I fill it up, and it just sits there.  I'm starting to think there is something freakishly wrong with this cat.  It could be the devil.When we first got our cat, which we call Loca, we immediately noticed that she was a little different.  She was already two years old when we got her from Animal Allies, and she had come from a home that had a few too many cats and she needed more attention.  I'll admit, I picked her out.  She was the only cat that would come to me.  I thought that was a good sign.  Now, she'll never leave me alone.  Which some days is nice, and other days I want to scream.  She also likes to attack your feet while you are in a dead sleep.  Imagine how much fun that can be.

So back to the drinking thing.  She used to drink out of the toilet in our old house.  I could tell this, because I would actually witness her do it, and once in a while I would come home to a wet cat.  (She must have fallen in a few times).  She would also leave paw prints on the toilet seat.  In our new house, I haven't found a single paw print anywhere on the toilets.  Her bowl is always full,  she couldn't possibly be drinking the water out of the kitchen sink.  (It too often has piles of plates in it.)

Hey wait a minute!  I got it, my cat has rabies.  Rabies is often characterized by an intense fear of water.  My cat hates water, she won't even drink it.  Now I think I need to get a silver knife or something... or is that for werewolves?  Either way, I'm sure it won't go over well with the rest of the family.