I actually have a BIG purse, I call the abyss.  Once I go into the "black hole", it's hours before I find what I'm looking for and reappear.  I also lovingly call it the "mother ship".

Inside the mother ship, there are two additional smaller purses, I've named drones, they leave the mother ship on expeditions into the outside world, because that's the size and weight my shoulder can handle now.  After reading "What's in My Bag" in Us Weekly, I'm happy to learn, I'm very much like Miranda Lambert.  Maybe you are too!  She's a Bacardi girl, just like me!  Although, I settle for soda as mix, she "makes her own" using packets of  Crystal Light (creative girl)!  According to the  Us Weekly's "What's in My Bag" feature, her "Baggage Claim"  is a $300 faux-snakeskin Kenneth Cole purse.  See if you tote around what the Country Superstar carries.