When Gretchen Wilson hit the scene, she was a Redneck Woman. I liked the song just because it said who she was right off the bat and didn't pull any punches. It rang true with women everywhere because it spoke to them without making redneck women look like hicks.

She worked with Big and Rich and went on tour with them. It was a good partnership and continues today, with Wilson going on tour with them from time to time. She continued her partnership with Epic Records and when it ran out, started Redneck Records. She continues to record for them today.

The Best part about running the show is.....well, running the show, the worst part, running the show. Doing what she is doing, breaking away a little has been good for her, as far as I am concerned, her music is better and has more energy. Gretchen says it's because she uses her road band to record now.

Another thing I found out is Gretchen is going to release a Christmas album this year, and has released a covers album, called "Uncovered". In the interview she talks about both and her feelings on them and what was the approach.

Ok, the funny part is, I have a huge crush on Gretchen, when she undressed in the "Redneck Woman" Video, I was cheering. I tell her something in the interview that I thought I wouldn't, but I went for it. She even tells me I should apologize to my wife.

Here is the interview, all of it!!!