Get the fabric NOW, so you can wash it before the weekend!  This is an easy craft your kids can do and makes a great holiday gift for the pets in your life.  My friend showed her no-sew dog bed on Facebook and got the idea from Pinterest. Email me pic of yours after your done!!!




You can get a no sew dog bed pattern from McCall's, or make your own. It's exactly like making the no sew fleece blankets, but you stuff it to make an over-sized pillow for your cat or dog.


You can make any size bed you want, but for instruction per purposes scoochmaroo from Instructables uses 1 yard of fleece material.  Make yours bigger or smaller based on these directions.  You also have the choice of a different types of designs, one on each side.  Or, use the same fleece for both sides and you'll have the same design on each.Decide what size bed you want and add at least 8" all the way around.  You will need it big enough to be able to cut 4" strips to tie together.   t's easiest if you cut the two layers at the same time. That way they'll be sure to line up perfectly!

First, cut the selvage edge from the fleece - it has the test printing on it.  Then, cut the fleece in half.

Next measured 4" in from each corner and lay a ruler across this line.  Cut a slit an inch a part towards the ruler until you've cut strips the across all four sides of the material.  (easier than drawing a bunch of lines to follow).  You will end up cutting out the corner pieces.

Starting at one corner. tie the two sides together strip by strip. Use a double knot to make sure it doesn't come undone.   Tie together all of the strips, leaving about 6 open in one corner,  large enough to stuff with batting.  Fill the bed with batting and tie off remaining 6 strips.  Most information I researched said 2 bags of batting is best for a fluffy, comfy bed.

That's it, all done.  Wrap it as a gift, or lay it on the floor and watch your pet LOVE it!

Above directions from scoochmaroo on Instructables.

If you're still unsure, here's a quick youtube video instructional.  This should answer any questions you have.  ENJOY!