Yesterday was a big day for country music with the 47th Annual CMA Awards.  I arrived to work yesterday morning and was greeted with an e-mail from a producer at WDIO-TV in Duluth, our ABC affiliate that would be carrying the award show.  They were planning a story to follow the awards about the popularity of country music in the Northland as well as the two concerts we have coming to town.  He asked if B105 would be in the story.

My first thought was, "I wonder if Cathy Kates is available".  However, they were coming in the afternoon when yours truly was on the air.  At about 2pm, lovely reporter Laurie Stribling arrived with her cameraman.  I was hooked up with a mic, the camera was rolling and the questions began.

It was fun to talk about country music, as I always look for the opportunity to get even more people to listen to what we know is a kick butt-style of music.  I did my best to answer questions, despite my wonderful co-workers attempts to distract me.

From our sister stations I had Tony Hart, Nick Cooper, Jeanne Ryan, Steve Tanko, Chris Tyler, Rayman and others standing off camera making faces and worse. I believe at one point, Rayman actually lifted his shirt for an awkward "Rayman Gone Wild" moment.

However, I made it through the interview and this report aired in the newscast that followed the CMA Awards.

Take a look and make sure keep listening to win even more tickets to see the Justin Moore and Band Perry tours that are coming to Duluth with B105!