Remember the series of Taster's Choice coffee ads years ago, where a man and a women were shown slowly building a romantic relationship around a cup of  coffee?  Taylor Swift brings the concept back with her series of commercials.  Here's another in the series for yet another fragrance from her  Wonderstruck line.

She's smart too, it's coming out now, just in time for everyone to put it on their "holiday wish list".  Probably the most surprise, I think, was that her old hair do is back, otherwise, it's the red lipstick, the wonderment of  falling in love and of course, that hunky guy that is her object of obsession.    The WONDERSTRUCK moment is "why she didn't use her boyfriend Conor Kennedy in the commercial.

Besides her perfume, Taylor has her new album, RED, in stores on Oct. 22. (again, a great holiday gift for that Taylor fan in your life)!

Info via:  Taste of Country