Last week I was having  one of those days.  You know the kind, where it's like what else can possibly go wrong?  I was finally sitting back, relaxing in my recliner, when I heard a horrific noise coming from the basement.

I rushed downstairs because it sounded like gears grinding.  I soon realized it was coming from the bottom of our front load washing machine.  Immediately I assumed the worst, like the clutch or transmission was going.  How am I going to afford this?

As I was scratching my head, I saw a little door at the bottom.  I grabbed a screwdriver, pryed it open, pulled out what appeared to be a filter, along with:

6 bobby pins

1:87 in change

3 buttons

Fingernail clipper.

I learned two things.  First, you should clean this thing out regularly.  Secondly, we should check our pockets more closely.

Want to learn how to do it?  Check out this video: