People are still reeling from last night's episode of The Walking Dead.  It's been a long time since the show has legitimately horrified me.   Last night sure did.  SPOILER ALERT.

I think we all knew that Lizzie had been the one feeding the walkers at the prison.  Her confusion with them has been brought up in the past.  With last night's episode "The Grove," her confusion and dangerous behavior accelerated to a breaking point that I don't think any of us expected.

After she went back to visit and feed the walker on the railroad track and feed it, and the horde that came chasing after them, I think we all had the sense that maybe she finally got it.   She had killed one, her sister did too, and we kind of got a short sense of relief that they get it.  These things must die.

In hindsight, her conversation with Carol seems eerie.  "I know what I have to do."

After we learn that she's killed her sister, waiting for her to turn, we all knew what needed to be done.  There are no mental hospitals for someone gone crazy in the apocalypse.  Lizzie needed to die.   Especially when we heard that she was about to kill Judith.  That made it even worse.   This girl was mentally sick to the point that she was a danger to anyone.   I had even thought, what if they just left her?  She'd die in a heartbeat, or even worse, another group may stumble upon her.  She was too dangerous to leave alive.

I'm glad that Carol confessed to Tyrese.  It had to happen, and I think Carol just decided now is as good of a time to die if she must.  In a surprise turn, Tyrese forgives her.

As I mentioned earlier, this episode was a shocker for the first time in a while.  We've gotten numb to people killing zombies, people killing people, etc.  But kids killing kids?  That's hard to swallow.  Not to mention, there is enough of that going on in reality.

This episode also highlights the dangers of mentally unstable people and children.  This stuff does happen in real life, and I think that's what makes this the most disturbing episode yet.

The odds of a zombie outbreak are pretty slim, but the odds of a whack job stabbing your child isn't as impossible as we'd like.

I'm worried to see how the show is going to shock us next.\