Things just keep getting better for the "Walking Dead!"  (The show, not the walkers.)  Once again the mid-season premiere broke records in the all time most watch cable show.  The show earned 5.4 million viewers in the 18-49 demo, and 4.1 million viewers in the 25-54 demo.  That beats the previous record in a cable show.  (which was the season 2 opener of the walking dead!)

If you don't know what this show is about, it's more than shooting zombies.  It's about what would happen to our lives in the face of an apocalypse.  It's a great drama, that you need to check out.  It can be gory at times, but even if you're not a fan of that, you'll love the acting and storyline!

Here's a sneak peak for next week.  I CAN'T WAIT!