So as many of you know, I've been frantically trying to paint my house before the snow flies.   This last weekend I decided I needed to spend a few bucks and hopefully make the job quicker with a power painter.  I was hesitant because I remember when these first came out 15 or so years ago that they weren't exactly reliable.  Have they improved?

At the home improvement store there was a kiosk computer that asks you questions and then identifies which product best fits your needs.   It directed me to the Wagner Flexio 570.  The price was roughly $120.

Set up was very easy.  It had a handy one sheet that had clear directions for use.  It was as simple as pouring paint into the canister, plugging it in, and pulling the trigger.

I was also pleasantly surprised that it didn't require you to thin paint.   Straight from the paint can, it handled my latex primer and paint in one just fine.

The spray was even and consistent.  It didn't spit or spatter like the old ones did.  It also had 2 variable speeds so you can go heavy or light depending on the application.   Also, the trigger has a variable adjustment for further fine tuning.

It was much faster than a brush, and with little set up it was definitely worth it.

Clean up takes a little bit of time, and no matter how hard you try there will be paint stains on the gun, but that's to be expected.   It's also a little heavy after using it for a while.   Be prepared to go through paint faster than you would with a brush.


Easy set up, not too noisy, no thinning required, even spray


Heavy, clean up takes a while, uses more paint


Definitely worth purchasing if you have multiple paint projects in your future.   It also can be used indoors, which is a plus.