It's National Bubble Wrap day!  Either you love it or you don't.  Those that don't just won't admit that they secretly pop bubble wrap, behind closed doors when they know no one will catch them. How would you like to use your computer to pop bubble wrap at work?  Use this virtual bubble wrap to waste time at work!

To celebrate the 14th anniversary of Bubble Wrap, they opened the first ever Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to Eric Buss and his Bubble Wrap Bike.

But, there are practical uses for bubble wrap too.  Especially for those of us anticipating -60 below zero wind chills.  If you're house is like mine, there is oodles of cold air coming through windows.  We've tried the "see-through" film (yeah, right!) and a hair dryer, but never thought of using bubble wrap.  (won't be able to see through that either, though).  They say to cut it to size, spray the glass with water and apply the flat side of the bubble wrap.  Let me know if it works for you.

Ok, so you want to play?  I found this virtual bubble wrap at  This should kill some time and work :)

Happy National Bubble Wrap Day!  I wonder if we'll have a day for the Styrofoam peanuts?