Industry: Although founded as a structural engineering firm, LHB’s internal diversity quickly expanded to include civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, and architects. In addition, the company brought in landscape architects, interior designers, and surveyors.
Tagline: Performance Driven Design
Founding Date: LHB was founded in Duluth, Minnesota in 1966. The Arena Auditorium was LHB’s first project. It was led by LHB’s founder, Lauren Larsen.

 LHB is a 200+ person firm dedicated to being environmentally responsible, reducing long term operating costs, and improving the quality of life for our clients. LHB is a multi-disciplinary engineering, architecture, and planning firm known for our design leadership and loyalty to clients. LHB goes beyond good intentions and focuses on measurable performance. We are experts in: public works, pipeline, industrial, housing, healthcare, government, education, and commercial design. LHB has provided sustainable design for almost 20 years. We led the team who created the State of Minnesota sustainable design guidelines, the Minnesota sustainable schools document, and provided input into Minnesota’s B3 and energy code standards. We have assisted clients with energy benchmarking, led the MnSCU pursuit of benchmarking all of their buildings for energy and water use, and facilitated the Regional Indicators effort to benchmark  measuring city energy use. We design using LEED, SB2030, Energy Star and other sustainable guidelines.


LHB has made a concerted effort to go back to track the energy performance of all of our major projects since 1996, in an effort we have named LHB’s Performance MetricsTM. “We’re getting real numbers that we can turn into real results. It is time to get past the rhetoric. This brings reality to the benefits of environmentally conscious design.” – Bill Bennett, CEO

Hiring and open positions

LHB is now hiring for many open positions. We offer Flexible Work Schedules, Tuition Reimbursement, Performance Bonuses, and Comprehensive Insurance. LHB is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please view our job listings on our website or on linkedin for more information.

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 Duluth Second Street Reconstruction 

Jamar Company SCR Critical Lift Analysis at Boswell Energy Center